AVL Fresh Packing

Fresh Produce Packing Manufacturing

We produce, buy, handle, sale and manufacture to national and international markets.

Do you need Fresh Produce for your store?

We are suppliers of fresh vegetables with the certificate in food safety for stores and supermarket.

We can export to the United States!

We have an international reach to all the stores, supermarkets and distributors of the United States with the necessary food safety certification.

Manufacturing and Handling Services

For farmers and distributors of any kind of vegetables

Food safety and quality control in our processes

We have the certification in food safety and high quality control in the handling and packing of your produce.

Who are we?

We are an organization dedicated to the production, packing, sale and manufacturing of vegetables for national and international markets with the food safety certification that your company needs.

What we do?

We produce, package, manufacture, buy and deliver fresh vegetables with high quality standards and food safety.

How we do it?

With the latest in the technology of production, handling and packing post crop. Our fields and packing have the certification in food safety. Nuestros campos y empaque cuentan con la certificación en inocuidad alimentaria.

Why us?

We have the certifications in food safety necessary for getting in the most demanding and better paid markets. Nationals and internationals!

Less than 1% of the Mexican farmers

Have the facilities and food certificates to access the better paid fresh produce markets.
You don’t need to have these certifications and facilities; we do it for you!

Do you dream with your products in every supermarket of Mexico and the United States?

Benefits of packing your fresh produce with us

Packing processes certified in food safety by Primus Lab GFS.

• Experience in different packing processes of vegetables.

• Supervise the process of your product with our live online camera system.


Facilities with modern and voluble machines for the packing of various products.

Workforce qualified and trained.

Money save in salaries, deductions and legal terms of the workforce.

Refrigerated rooms with controlled temperature and 24/7 monitoring.

Excellent logistics location.

Full service in the packing, storing and delivery process.

Access the better paid markets without your own investment.

Get to know the processing and packing of vegetables

We receive your product in our facilities
We load it and send it where ever you need it

We can provide any packing material or work with the one that you say

We have refrigerated rooms for the conservation of your products

  • 120 tons capacity
  • Regulated temperature according to the product
  • 24/7 monitoring

Our certifications

We have the certifications, machines and manufacturing ideal for your needs.

Some products that we pack:

White Potato

Mexican Husk Tomato

White Onion

Jalapeño Pepper

Green Bell Pepper

Poblano Pepper

And dozens of more products!

Farming and Food Safety News

The importance of food safety in fruit and vegetable packaging.

The importance of food safety in fruit and vegetable packaging.

We have often heard that food safety is very important for the sale of fruits and vegetables in international markets or countries that do not allow the entry of any product for the consumption of their population. Here we tell you about the important role that packaging plays in the food safety of fruits and vegetables.

I have my vegetables ready. Now how do I pack them?

I have my vegetables ready. Now how do I pack them?

In agriculture it is very common that the efforts and work planning are only made from the planting of hectares to harvesting, but there is a final process, important and forgotten by most farmers: the packaging of their product. Here we tell you everything you need to know about the types of packaging for vegetables or fruits.

This year can be different for your produce

You are one step away from seeing it in the better paid markets!

Let us pack it