The importance of food safety in fruit and vegetable packaging.

Jul 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

We have often heard that food safety is very important for the sale of fruits and vegetables in international markets or countries that do not allow the entry of any product for the consumption of their population. Here we tell you about the important role that packaging plays in the food safety of fruits and vegetables.

What is food safety?

Food safety or food quality consists of the correct handling of fruits and vegetables, from the moment they are planted until they reach the final consumer. This ensures that products that do not cause any harm to the health of the population are being sold.

What are the objectives of food safety?

Here in Mexico, as in thousands of other countries, different procedures are applied to ensure that foodstuffs are not contaminated by pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria or insects that can cause harm to human health.

Who regulates food safety and quality?

In Mexico, SENASICA is in charge of its correct management through different programs and certifications that help to standardize processes focused on food health.

However, in other countries, the organization that carries these responsibilities varies. One example is the United States, where the FDA guarantees that every product within the U.S. market was approved within its evaluation criteria.

Where does packaging come in with fruit and vegetable safety?

You’ve probably figured it out by now, but packaging is the final stage of product handling by human hands, so any poorly performed process directly affects the end user.

Correct packing procedures must be carried out on fruits and vegetables so as not to affect food safety and on the other hand, compromise the sale of tons of product to different markets.

How do I achieve food safety in my packaging?

According to the MICIPMAone of the most important challenges of food safety for farmers is the high costs of infrastructure and human resources. That is why many farms are turning to the use of a viable and cost-effective alternative for packing fruits and vegetables.

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