I have my vegetables ready. Now how do I pack them?

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In agriculture it is very common that the efforts and work planning are only made from the planting of hectares to harvesting, but there is a final process, important and forgotten by most farmers: the packaging of vegetables. Here we tell you everything you need to know about the types of vegetable packaging with a farm packer.

Why is vegetable packaging important?

Although many farmers choose not to worry about these actions, selecting the right packaging for their products can be the key, not only to their sale but also to higher profits.

You see, there is a market willing to pay the right money in exchange for fresh produce that guarantees food safety, we are referring to the international or export market.

In the United States, the type of fruit and vegetable packaging the product comes in is very important for receiving an imported food product. This will determine its value and whether it can enter the country.

What types of packaging for vegetables?

Currently there are a wide variety of packaging for the food industry, which one is suitable for your product will depend on its characteristics, where it will be shipped and the climate it will be exposed to. Some examples of packaging for vegetables and fruits are:

  • American Boxes: The standard packaging for fruit and vegetable packaging, these are the cardboard boxes that we normally see in supermarkets.
  • Wooden Boxes: As a solution for domestic packaging that weighs little, but may be exposed to moisture, affecting its structure and state of arrival to the customer.
  • Plastic Boxes: These are plastic nets similar to the American boxes, but thanks to the material they are made of, they allow the correct breathing of the product and avoid the possibility of pests in the shipment of products.

How do I select the vegetable packaging?

As we mentioned before, it will depend on the type of product you need to transport, generally for fruits and vegetables it is taken into account:

  • Its degree of recyclability and biodegradability due to the fact that the export market seeks to reduce packaging waste.
  • Quantity to be packed as this is also where the costs for both you and your customers will be derived.
  • The presentation that your customer expects to receive as a synonym that the product was packaged with the quality indexes.

Start now with vegetable packaging

Many Mexican growers are looking to sell their products at a higher profit, but only a few succeed, so AVL Fresh Packing has developed an economical and profitable solution for fruit and vegetable growers.

We are a packaging maquila specialized in fresh products with the necessary certifications for domestic and export sales. We are your agricultural packer.


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